January 29, 2007

Plans. . .

General George S. Patton said. . .
“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect
plan executed next week.”

A good thing for a perfectionist like myself to keep in mind. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect, and I don’t need to know every nuance of a situation before I begin workng on something. I just need to make a plan that is reasonable and then execute it well.


We are trying to upgrade our network, at least for the graphics department, so I am looking into switch options. It seems we have a GB connection from the graphics server to our switch there, and have cat6 cables running from the switch to each MAC with GB NICs. But you probably already guessed it, our switch is only 10/100!! Who the heck thought that was a good idea? I guess the good news is that a managed switch from HP is only about $350 which is probably in our budget.

I have been reading about the differences between a managed and an unmanaged switch. It seems that the managed switch just has an interface that allows you to setup features and to well. . .manage the connections. An unmanaged switch is a device that automatically detects and directs traffic.


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