Upgrading Switches


Today we decided to upgrade all of our switches here at S4. We have one HP PC 4000 series and two HP PC 2800 series.

We had to setup our PCs as TFTP servers first, then copied the old config files
(put 192.168.my.ip CONFIG annettecfg) then followed the instructions to download a new OS through the Telnet session to the switch. We have much to figure out yet, but it is amazing how
things start to make sense once the pegs begin to line up.

Also, the date was way off when telneting in, so I changed the Time Sync to SNTP, Unicast,, server version 3, 720 second intervals, and manual IP Config.

Blackberry Item

I did also find the other day that in order to synchronize calendar items in the Blackberrys here, we have to go into the calendar, click on the scroll button, go down to the second-to-last item on the menu there and choose “Options.” The last item there is “Wireless Synchronization:” and that must say “Yes.”


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