Exchange and Blackberry Tips

Exchange Distribution Lists
To allow employees to send to the global distribution list here, the steps are as follows (and I figured this out all on my own):

Under the domain, go to the Distribution lists and look for the one called All S4 employees. Right click and go to properties. On the Exchange General tab at the bottom there is setting about Message Restrictions where you can allow all or some or none to send from the list.

Blackberry Fun
It seems that since the patches for DST have been implemented, folks here can’t send email via their BlackBerries.

From different postings on the web, it seems that the besadmin account has to have “send as” permissions in order for users to send via their mobile devices, so we added that in for my account and that did the trick. I am now able to send via my Blackberry, wooohooo. It is a good thing to go home with today. . . I will take even the tiny victories at this point!

Things to take from this:
1. Try to find fixes myself, it was a simple Google search that brought this solution.
2. Go with my gut and what makes sense when seeking solutions.

Happy Friday!


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