Manager Fun

Today I needed to help one of my users get data from our customer management db on a unix box to an excel doc she could then browse and send on to the customer. Here are the steps involved, which I found on my own (again…right now the small victories count)
1. log into Manager and 4bl
2. Type RUN”QUERY” and hit enter
3. Enter MANAGR or the db name and volume
4. type in CLEAR FIND SHIP-TO FOR ALL and hit enter
6. type in FILE filename (where “filename” is the new name for your file.)
7. type in the following and hit enter
8. Exit the program

To copy to a floppy:
1. Put a floppy disk in the Manager Server
2. In Manager, hit CTRL T to get a QNX prompt
3. type in cp /4BL/filename /dos/a/filename.txt (use your filename)

Then just open the file in Excel on your desktop to edit out the customer names you do not need.


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