AD Replication and Career Advice

AD Replication
I read a fantastic article in Windows IT Pro today and don’t want to forget where I read it and what I need to do. . so here goes. Sean Deuby wrote a really great article on troubleshooting AD replication, and what made it so great was that even a newbe admin like me understood most of what he had to say. Here are the steps I need to take to make sure AD is replicating here at our location:

  1. Check the OS on the server (DC server that is)
  2. Check the health of the directory service.
  3. Check the communication between other DCs
  4. Verify protocol of direcotry services and determine whether the DCs are authenticating correctly.

For all the details, check out “Troubleshoot AD Replication” in the June, 2007 edition of Windows IT Pro.

Career Advice Worth Noting

In that same edition of WITP, there was another really good article, this time one on getting ahead in the career game. Ben Smith breaks career advancement into 5 easy steps, some I am doing and others are goals. Three really good take-aways for me are:

  1. Find mentors and have them make suggestions on goals
  2. Go after jobs to develop needed skill sets, like budgeting and management
  3. Track and Qualify Achievements; Make list of accomplishments


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