Learning Hardware Arrays

RAID 5 Please

In order to repartition an older server that only had a 3GB boot partition, we had to break our RAID 5 array. We demoted it to a RAID 0 and deleted and re-created some partitions, and in the end, had to re-install the OS. Once we did this, we wanted to to re-create the RAID 5 partition, but the software that talks to the controller would not go back to RAID 5 as an option.

In the end, on our ProLiant ML350 Server we had to delete the array and reboot to return to the factory default, which was RAID 5.

I am still try to decipher what I learned from this experience. . .I am not convinced I learned anything at all. Well, I guess I learned that I really know nothing about hardware arrays. I am studying for the 70-290 Windows Server 2003 exam and read about software arrays, and that makes perfect sense to me, but this hardware array stuff is much more difficult.


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