Confirmation and Perfmon

Blogging Confirmed
I needed to use this blog today to go back and look at what I had written back in February about moving icons around on the Blackberry, so I learned a valuable lesson today; keep on blogging!

I enjoy blogging, and know that in order to remember some of the tips and tricks I am picking up I need to have a central repository of information, hence Computer Pooh. However, it is not every day that I get confirmation that an idea of mine is a good one, yet here I am blogging about one.

I am continuing to study for my first MCSE test. As a matter of fact, I really want to take the first one here in September, yet I am not sure I am ready.

I have been looking at the performance monitor this week, and wanted to quickly blog here the items that are best to monitor so I can log in an see this from the web.

  • Networking: Network Interface- bytes sent/sec and bytes total/sec; Server – bytes rec’d/sec and it should be no more than 50% of bandwidth; TaskManager – Network Utilization should be 30% or lower
  • Disks: Physical Disks – %disk time should be less than 50%; Physical Disks – Current disk queue length should be between 0 – 2%
  • Memory: Memory – pages/sec should be 0 – 20%; Memory – Available bytes should be 5% + of RAM; Memory – Committed bytes should be less than RAM; Memory – Pooled Non-paged bytes should be steady; Memory – Page faults/sec should be below 5
  • Processor: Processor – % Processor Time should be less than 85%; System – Process queue length should be less than 10%; Server Work Queues – Queue length should be less than 4%; Processor – interrupts/sec should be steady to low

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