Today I am playing with gOS in the hopes that we can use it here for a stand-alone web application station. This is also the much talked about OS that is coming pre-installed on the new WalMart $200 PCs that we keep hearing about.

At first glance, I like it. It has a Mac/Doc looking app running along the bottom of the desktop with links to most web applications that I think the typical user/teenager would want.

I just need a workstation here where employees can surf the web and check their email during lunch in our lunchroom, so this seems to be a perfect fit. I got the live distro, so I figure it is realatively safe to continue running it from the CD drive. We will shut the PC off overnight and reboot it each morning.

I am having some trouble getting it to recognize the crappy nic on this old home PC I am working on, but I will get it eventually. I will post more once I have had some time to play around with this a bit more.


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