Exchange Tips

Exchange Tips 

Yesterday we had some trouble with outgoing email, and while our bridgehead server is in another location, we do have an Exchange Server here that I am responsible for.  I am brand new to administering an Exchange Server, so I had to find some tips online for at least getting a feel for what may be happening and where things may be hanging up.

I wanted to do some basic troubleshooting for when messages are not going out, and a quick Google search for this turned up a few sites, the best of which was Exchange 911.

At their site, I found these tips that I used to begin tracking issues:

1.  Try to find where the message has gotten stuck by using the Message Tracking Center in the Exchange System Manager.

2.  Check the services running on the server where the messages are stuck to make sure all critical Exchange Services are indeed running.

3.  Checked the Event View on my server to make sure there were no obvious problems or sreaming errors.


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