Searchers Beware

I am about to send out an email to all of my users, warning them to be very careful when they do a Google search.

I many different blogs this week about this problem. Alex Eckelberry over at Sunbelt blogged about this on Monday drawing much attention to the issue. Alex’s article showed how a search on some common tech terms led to several exploits that could infect a system that is left vulnerable.

According to an article posted last night over at InformationWeek it seems that Google has deleted many of the malicious pages, but that the other popular search engines are being targeted as well.

This just serves to remind all us tech folks to keep telling our users that they simply have to make sure their operating systems are up-to-date, that they have anti-virus programs installed on all their PCs, and that they are always careful about web sites that they visit. I will have to be sure to also email this warning to all of those “non-paying” customers I have like Mom and Dad.


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