5 Laptops I am Considering for Christmas

XPS M1530I need to buy a laptop.  Between blogging and studying for the MCSE exams, I need to be able to have everything with me instead of carrying cds around.  My iPod has helped, but I really need a computer with me everywhere.

 So, I have started looking for laptops that I want to purchase.  I already listed out the specs that I like in a earlier blog, here I want to make a note of the laptops that I am seriously considering.

1.  I think the one I like the best is this T23210 being offered at QVC.  I have stated again and again that I really like Dell products, so it is fitting that this top my list.  I like the specs on this laptop, and I LOVE the color options!  I have not purchased from them in the past, but the price on this laptop is very good.

2.  I really like this XPS M1530 a lot.  I love the highest end option, but I think right now it is a bit too expensive.  And again, I have to say that I really like the color options here.  For something that I will have attached to my hand, I like the idea of it being attractive.  Besides, colors make me happy.

3.  I also like the IBM Thinkpad X61s fully loaded.  It is not as pretty as the Dells, but it is a solid laptop, and you can still get Windows XP Pro loaded if you want to, which I think I do.

4.  I also really like the HP Pavilion dv2500t.  It can be customized to include the features/specs that I want, and the price is competitive.

5.  Finally, I am not sure this is the year I am ready to jump in and purchase a Mac, but I am very tempted by all of the hype about running a better Windows machine on the MacBook Pro


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