Still Studying for 70-290

I am trying to not get frustrated, but I am.  I have used a plethora of study tools, and each time I change tools, and test on that tool, I fail the practice exams.

 I seem to have the hardware sections down cold, but everything else is questionable.  I have used two different video programs; TestOut and QuickCert.  Neither video program seems to have prepared me well enough.  I also went through the Microsoft Press book, but that did not prepare me completely either.  I am now going through the Syngress book, which I have to say has been the most comprehensive tool yet.  There are tools mentioned in this book that I have not heard of from the other tools.

If anyone has any tips/tricks for studying for and passing this test, I would be most grateful for any help.  I had set a goal for myself of November 2007, but that date of course has come and gone and I have not  yet sat for the exam.  My only consolation is that I have only been working on Server 2003 for just under a year, and have to study in my “spare time.”

So, if you are an MCSE, or have at least passed the 70-290 test, please let me know what worked best for you?



  1. Daniel Said:

    Seriously, these is no completely tool to pass these dang tests. Seriously. For my 70-270 (Windows XP) exam, I did the Microsoft Book, Sybex, Transcender questions, CBTNuggets AND completed the web training at microsoft elearning.

    I am having an even harder time with the 70-290 exam. Some of these questions are just horrible.

  2. Yeah, I probably should have started with the 70-270, but I wanted to start with the 70-290 as I am already running two Server 2003 boxes at work. But yeah. . horrible!

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