Studying: Command-Line Utilities for Account Management

Today I am studying about the command-line tools used for account management that are tested on the 70-290 certification exam.  I need to know what they do, and how their arguments are setup.

 dsadd.exe – when used it adds objects to AD (computers, users, quotas, groups, ou)

dsget.exe – when used it shows the properties of objects in AD

dsmod.exe – when used it modifies attributes of objects in AD (computers, users, groups, ou)

dsmove.exe – moves objects in AD

dsquery.exe – allows you to query AD for objects that match specified criteria 

gpresult.exe – shows the RSoP for a target user and computer 

whoami.exe – displays user and group info for current logged-in user

cmdkey.exe – manages stored username and passwords on the pc


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