Office Demos

It is almost Christmas, so I have set aside my studying for a few days, but still needed to work on some training for Office 2007 and stumbled upon a site many probably use all the time, but was new to me.

Microsoft has really become more user friendly in the past couple of years, and one sure sign of that is the wealth of information they have on their Office Online sites.  In addition to some really great trainging materials, the also have some great demos.

I took some tips and created an article for our newsletter, but I will also be sending my customers more often to the Office site so they too can get the information that they need. 

I often find that desktop support takes up a large part of my day if I let it, and I also have found that the more training and guiding I do is less time I have to spend later answering the more basic how-to quetions from my users. 

By the way, I also have some users who are still using Office 2003 and one or two stuck on Office 2000 and there are links from them from this site too.


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