Free Wireless Headset

On one of those rare days off, I was watching TV when I happened upon the Rachel Ray Show.  I think it was a rerun, but what caught my attention was a segment that mentioned a great website that will give you a FREE headset for your phone.

The name of the site is and that is their web address as well. You will have to pay for shipping, but on the headset that I ordered, that was only $4.74.  For most of the newer phones and Blackberry devices it looks like they have a free option and also a higher end device that is not free.

If you aren’t  already using a hands free headset while you drive and talk on the phone, please do.  Here in Chicago you can actually get pulled over and issued a ticket for not using a hands-free device, and I have heard that many other states are moving in that direction also.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  this was written in 2007, this offer is no longer available.


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