I Want One

I am a pretty hard core PC user.  I have dabbled with Macs in my different jobs, but really only put hands on them when I have to fix a problem.  However, with the introduction of their new Mac Pro, I just may have to change all that.

A collegue pointed out this blog post over at ZDNet, so I had to check it out.  It is true, Apple has released the “Fastest Mac Ever.” 

This new Mac Pro has 8 processor cores.  Yes, that is correct, I said 8 processors.  And as if that is not enough, it can also house up to 4TB of INTERNAL storage, and oh yeah, 32GB of RAM.  Evan if I combined all the desktop computers in my house (and actually that is a few computers and parts) I don’t have that kind of power.

Now, the price is still a bit high for me to justify buying as my personal laptop, but given the fact that this beauty is a portable server, the price doesn’t suck.

Yep, I am in love. 


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