Best Gift I Got For Christmas

Of all the gifts I got for Christmas, I have to say that my favorite may just be the one that wasn’t on my list. TomTom

We got a Tomtom One for Christmas from my DH’s company, and I use it all the time now.  I’ll admit, when it comes to directions, I am not the best.  In fact, I usually can’t find my way home from a new location without a call to DH asking for help.

 Imagine his joy at my getting this gift.  Now, I simply put in the destination and the Tomtom One tells me exactly how to get home and even allows me to chose alternate routes if there is a street I want or need to avoid.  Not only that, she will also tell me where all the Dunkin Donut shops are along the way.  Now that is awesome.

As a busy mom with active kids, this is the perfect toy to have.  I can put in all the locations of the football games, swim meets, mathlete competitions, band events and college visits and get there without having to google a location, printing a map and then trying to read a map while I drive, drink coffee and try not to hit anyone.  Now I mount the Tomtom One on the windshield enter the address and go.

The Tomtom One comes with 4 voices by default, but more can be downloaded.  We opted for a very nice British woman’s voice, very James Bondish.


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