Mac Inventory Software – iInventory v7.4

We need to be able to tell what software programs, and specifically which versions of programs, are installed on all of our Mac desktops and laptops, but the boss didn’t want to purchase anything.  So, here I am searching form something that will do the trick quickly and for free.

I found a program that I like, iInventory v7.4, but I will need to do some testing before the jury is in with their final decision.  I am installing the client on two Macs right now.  My two test systems are a brand new MacPro and a PowerMac, and so far so good.

I was able to create an agent to install on both systems, and was able to run and then import all of the information.  The agent builder is easy to use, and the software itself is pretty intuitive.  The software has a network scanning feature and says it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux which does indeed seem to be the case.  The program comes with some canned reports, but they are very basic and I will need to create custom reports after I clean the data up a bit.

Overall, great tool for free, and I have the option to upgrade to a paid version if I need/want to.


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  1. cangkarn Said:

    This is useful for my business
    I will promote this software on my web


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