Burn a CD that Opens Automatically

Most people probably know how to create an autostart CD, but just in case someone doesn’t know, or just in case I need to do this away from my work PC, I am putting the basics down with links that I need/use.

I like to create all of my CDs using a great little tool called UltraISO.  I didn’t get free CD creating software with my laptop, and I know this program already, so it is what I use.  You can use whatever software you want to setup your files for burning.  I have used Nero in the past with some success, but I like this program a bit better.

Once you have all of your files ready to burn, you will need to add a couple of files, including WinOpen.  You can get a copy of these files plus better instructions than I have included here on the Duckware site.  There lots of options with this program, so check the website for all you can do with this.


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