Group Policy Resources

I don’t use Group Policy a lot here.  I am only one admin in a much larger group, but I do need to know a bit about Group Policy for the MCSE tests.  That is why, when I got an email from Windows IT Pro that they were hosting a web seminar on “How To Implement an Effective Change Management Strategy for Group Policy” I signed up.

The web seminar was ok, and I always enjoy hearing and seeing presentations instead of having to read yet another article or book.  I think though, that the best thing I got out of the seminar was a link to one of the speakers websites, which I had not heard of before.

Jeremy Moskowitz has written a book or two on Group Policy, and comes recommended by another favorite Microsoft author of mine, Mark Minasi.  He has a decent website called with a newsletter which I just signed up for. 

If Group Policy is something that you use and need help with, I recommend Jeremy’s site as a good starting place, that is, of course, once you have finished reading all you can on Microsoft’s site.



  1. You might also want to check out my site,


  2. Thanks Darren for the link, this is a great site with very helpful information. I especially liked the free training videos, they are very well done and easy to follow.


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