Vista Trick

If you were looking for an awe inspiring article or some super helpful tips on how to run your network, I am afraid I am about to disappoint.  But I have said from the first day I posted here that I would be putting tips up that I wanted to remember, and so that is what I am doing today.

Greg Shultz, a regular author over at the  Microsoft Windows Blog on TechRepublic, posted a Windows tip for XP yesterday, so I thought I would post the Vista version of putting personalized text (only up to 12 characters) in the time area of your system tray.

    1.  Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options

    2.  From the Formats tab, chose the box at the bottom right labled “Customized this format.”

    3.  Choose the Time tab from the box that pops up.

    4.  In the “AM symbol” and “PM symbol” you can add any text  you want.

    5.  Apply your changes and ok your way out.


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