Treo 680 with Exchange E-mail Configuration

I had to setup my first Treo 680’s today for a couple of our new sales guys.  It wasn’t too difficult, but the instructions I was given by our AD Admin were a bit off so I wanted to document the steps here for the next time I need to setup these up.

1.  Install the SIM and batter and charge the battery.

2.  Call the support number to initiate the phone number.

3.  Install the Palm Software (via a disk in the box) on the user’s desktop.

5.  Connect the device to the desktop.

6. Setup e-mail by going to Mail, Menu, choose Microsoft Activsync from the provider drop down  and continue filling in the information as you get it from your e-mail administrator.



  1. Jay Said:

    This is great! Been looking all afternoon for something.

    Do you know if the device needs ActiveSync for this to work or is it just the PC?

    • It is my understanding that work with Exchange you need ActiveSync to push it.

  2. vdubs Said:

    When you installed palm desktop, did you skip the sync? The reason I ask is because I followed those steps, but on the palm install, I chose Outlook and then did a sync with the USB cable. Then I set up the versamail acct on the Treo. Email and calendar sync work great via the sync option on the treo. But, contacts are flaky! I can change any field on either outlook or the treo and it works fine, but as soon as I change the email address on the outlook side, it never goes to the treo! Then when I sync, the treo wipes out the outlook email. Since I am not using the USB to sync contacts, I cannot find anyway to map the fields that Versamail Exchange Active sync is using.

    • It has been a while now, but I believe that I did the sync right after the install because it prompted me to. We actually have stopped using the Treos and are using Blackberrys and Qs with the Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher and are having a much easier time with those.

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