Earth Day – Use Your Computer To Help Others

It is earth day, and I am sure there will be plenty of blogs and companies out there who will focus on how to reduce our carbon footprint, save energy and the like. So I thought I would be a little different today.

I am suggesting that all you geeks out there put your computer and your large brain to work and actually help our fellow man. You can do this by actually having some fun yourself and improving your vocabulary. Yes, in addition to feeling good about yourself for helping someone else, you are also helping yourself.

Go on over to FreeRice and fill up as many bowls as you can by guessing. . .I mean choosing the correct word. If you find that you have been extra blessed this year, or just have some spare money sitting around, give sponsorship a try.

There are many people throughout the world who exist on a bowl of rice a day. Take this even further and try this for a week yourself.


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