Adding a Secondary Server to Symantec Corporate Version 10

Someone mistakenly made one of our oldest, most ready-to-die servers the Secondary Server at our location a year ago, so I needed to rectify that quick this week since that server is really ready-to-die now.  I could not find any great documentation really on how you go about doing that, but was able to get it working anyway.

I logged into the Symantec System Center that installed on my main server and really did almost everything from there.  I first had to unlock my server group, and then I chose Tools -> AntiVirus Server Rollout.  I followed the wizard that came up, basically I had to choose my new server, identify the group I wanted to associate with it, and then install it on the new server.  After restarting the server it was installed on, I only had to drag and drop my clients from one server to the other.  It couldn’t have been more simple.

Based on some instructions I found, I could have also installed it from a CD, but since I don’t have those here at our location, this was the way to go for me.  I am off now to disable the old server and then uninstall Symantec from that system.


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