Desktop Support – Linking Contacts in Office 2007

When working for a small company, I am finding that it is often necessary for me to be the desktop support  technician as well as the backup gal, server dudette, and network wirer.  I guess this is perfect for me, since I have always been more of a jack of all trades, master of none type of person anyway.   I can also usually track down the answer to any question, if given enough time and resources (usually 2 minutes and Google).

That is what it took to find the answer to the question for today.  I had a user ask me today how to link contacts in Office 2007.  He said he had done it in the older version, but could not find any information on how to do in 2007.  I personally have never linked contacts, so I had no idea what he was talking about, but as he seemed quite distressed, I jumped on Google to see what I could find.  Thankfully, this article by Jennifer Kershaw was just what I needed to be the hero today.

Here is the quick rundown; Open Outlook 2007, go to Tools –> Options –> Contact Options –> check the box next to “Show Contact Linkin gon all Forms” and wallah!  Now each contact has a box at the bottom right allowing you to link contacts to other contacts in your list.


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