HP Laptop Trick

It has been too long since I posted, but I need to jot this little jewel down before all the learning I did today makes me forget this stupid, yet effective trick to bring a laptop back from what appeared to be a meldtdown.

My HP Pavilion laptop got stuck, so I powered down and tried to reboot, but I got all lights, but no display. Rebooted again, same thing, and I also noticed that my cd drive wound up but HD seemed to be out for the count in noise and in light indicator. Oh boy, figured my HD was toast and I would have to get a replacement. Went to HP support site where it said:

Test the AC adapter
Follow the steps below to determine whether the problem is related to the AC adapter or your notebook system board.

Remove the battery and disconnect all external devices from the computer.

Hold the Power button for several seconds, with all power sources removed. This drains residual power from the system, and may correct many problems.

Connect the AC adapter to a wall outlet and plug the other end into the computer.
Press the Power button to start the notebook PC.

Thanks HP! This worked like a champ and I am now happily blogging. Woohoo!


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