MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 Failed

Good night!  It took me several hours and lots of frustration today just to get Outlook Business Contact Manager 2007 installed.  Actually, to be most accurate, it took me that long just to get SQL Server Express Edition installed.  I would get almost done and then get a failure message.  The logs would indicate that

MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (KB954459) 6.20.1099.0 Failed.

Ok, seems easy enough, uninstall the darn thing and try again, right?  WRONG.  It gave me the same darned error message when I tried to uninstall it to.

A quick Google search had me installing and using the Windows Install Cleanup Tool to completely remove MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 and a quick reboot had me back on track with the contact manager software installed in no time.  I had never heard of this program before, but I will be adding it to my list of tools.



  1. Sean Smith Said:

    Where were you 12 hours and 6 tantrums ago! After many hours of trying to install BCM 2007 again (after “uninstalling” it), many more searching the Net for answers and solutions, I stumble across this note, download the app and VOILA! Solved!

    Why on earth would Microsoft NOT have this featured on their site?

    Thanks so very much!

    • The day I found this out I too was 12 hours and at least 6 tantrums in!! I have continued to ask around and no one has heard of this tool! I don’t get it. . but so very glad to have helped!

  2. MBiker80 Said:

    Hello all,

    I encountered the same exact problem during my SQL Server Express reinstall. So, here’s how I resolved it:

    1) Removed existing MSXML 6 file via Windows Cleanup Installer:

    2) Re-installed MSXML 6 from:

  3. Sladed Said:

    Thank you! You saved me a LOT of pain and it worked great!

    • Fantastic. . so glad to help.

      • MarkFromPGH-PA Said:

        Another thanks so much.

        I had a system with SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 instances, but ran into same problem when tried to create a new named SQL 2005 instance. The step to remove MSXML 6.0 SP2 did the trick. I was then able to create the new instance and apply the SQL 2005 SP3 update.

        Thanks ^ 1000.

        Because of you I still have some hair left on my head. 🙂

        – Mark

  4. Gobbly Said:

    Thank you so very much. After many hours of install / uninstall / reinstall I was able to find this post, follow your advice and fix the problem.

    You gotta love the power of the internet in helping people help people (as opposed to corporations dictating to people).

    Glad I’ve still got some hair left …. that wouldn’t be the case if I hadn’t found this within another hour or two.

    Many thanks again for taking the time to share your solution.

  5. Mahesh Chavda Said:

    THis is really nice post. Thank you so much !!!!!!

    • It is sad to me that so many techs are having the same trouble, but glad you found this helpful!

  6. cizium Said:

    cool.. it helps me also. thanks for the post!

  7. jimL Said:

    If you tried removing MSXML in normal mode and were not successful and you running XP Home Edition, then you need to reboot in safe mode (F8) logged in as “Administrator” only (not as your User Name with administrator rights, or Admin).
    Then use the Windows Install Cleanup Utility (Msicuu2.exe) to remove the MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 2. It should be successful in removing it where as it didnt in regular mode this is because Home edition has different permissions rights than Pro or Enterprise.

    • This is not applicable to my situation, as we aren’t running XP Home anywhere, we are strictly an XP Pro shop, but will add this in case it does apply to any home users. Thanks!

  8. Andy Helsby Said:

    Cool – thanks for the help on this one – I didn’t even need to reboot after cleaning up the install but this allowed me to install sp3 of sql2005. Thanks for the help.

    • I am still shocked at how many people have the same trouble, but I am so glad it helps!

  9. Damion Said:

    Thank you guys so much after 3 days of frustration, your post was the most helpful and 100% success. awsome

  10. Thanks so much for posting this; SQL Server 2005 Express somehow jacked up and MSXML 6.0 SP2 install and I was hosed until finding your post.

  11. Sudipta Said:

    Thanks a lot for …

  12. John B Said:

    Thanks a ton! You just ended a very frustrating day and a half of work for me.

  13. jj Said:

    I was trying to install sql 2008 and somehow it doesn’t like the MSXML6.0SP2 in my machine.
    Thank for your help on resolve unable removing msxml6.0 sp2 problem.

  14. Punit Said:

    Thanks a lot. This was a really cool tip!

    • Therry Said:

      Whit the same problem, I’ve just made a “regsvr32 msxml6.dll” and it works fine.
      Thanks for your help.

  15. David Said:

    You can Add Microsoft CRM Online client to your growing list of things that install SQL and FAIL due to a screwed up MSXML 6 SP2. Your trick worked. Thanks and keep fighting the good fight.


  16. Milhauzz Said:

    Thanks a lot for this article. Saved lot of my time! This solution worked for me.

  17. Cy Said:

    Thanks heaps..

    you save my day.. 🙂

    Kuala Lumpur

  18. blur_blur Said:

    yeah! it works .. thanks ya !

  19. Tad Said:

    Thanks a lot!!! I though that I know a lot about computers and software, and here it is, Windows clean up… thank u 1 more time and good luck

  20. Mickey Said:

    Wow… add me to the list of people who thank you. I had the MSXML 6 issue trying to install SQL 2005 Pro and after the third try I Googled and found your post at the top of the list. Did the trick and saved me many hours of banging my head or just giving up.

    Thanks again!

  21. Brad Austin Said:

    Add me to the list of Thank You!!! God Bless.

    • I am amazed that this still helps people. . but so glad to be a missing link! Thanks for all the comments everyone!

  22. Jeff Said:

    Please add me to the list of grateful people having such a difficult time installing BCM. This fixed the problem and I thank you. It took a while to find your post, I went through too many to count before finding the right one, yours.

    Thanks again.

  23. wayne Said:

    guys for the life of me i can not find this tool anywhere on the net ?
    the links above are all broken . pls could some one send me the tool im sooooo frustrated right now! btw tx in advance

  24. Kode Said:

    It did not work for me. I ran it several times. And I found the original nothing worked. Of course I even restarted the computer after each attempt… That new tool did uninstall office for me. I guess I had a run of poor luck and config conflicts. It will always be much worst on IT boxies than home workstation where you know what is installed most of the time.

    I corrected it by reimaging and reinstall everything. Then I decided to install 2008 client b/c I had had it! What a nightmare… Most of these issues revolve around SP updates. My office recently moved from SP2 to SP3 when MS dropped support. Only then have I had sucg issues. Also be aware of windows firewall getting blocked.


  25. Sven Said:

    Yes! Thanks for this article. I now have a new tool that actually works, the Fix It Center.

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