Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive

I have purchased several Dell Latitude D630s for folks here in the office, and without fail, eventually the hard drives on these have to be replaced.  I am replacing one now, and thought it might be helpful to someone out there to see pictures and get a walk-thru.  It is very easy actually, and I am fairly confident that anyone can do this.  For better pictures and guide, check out the quickguide online.

This is a 250GB, 72KRPM replacement drive, part number 341-7743 from Dell, by the way.

1.  Back up all data and make a note of all programs that will need to be reinstalled.

2.  Shutdown your laptop and remove all power sources (not a bad idea to remove even the battery).

3.  Make sure you have a small Phillips screwdriver and that your laptop is securely lying upside down.

4.  Remove the two screws from the top left portion of your laptop.DSCF1626

5.  Carefully pull out the hard drive.

DSCF16206.  Remove the single screw that attaches the hard drive to the bay.

7.  Attach the new drive to the bay and secure the same screw.


8.  Put new drive and bay back into the side of the laptop.


9.  Reattach the new drive to the laptop with the same two screws taken out minutes ago.

DSCF162510.  Turn laptop right-side up and and boot laptop with an OS disk in the CD Drive and begin formatting your new drive.

I told you anyone could do it!


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