Moving Over – DBA

The progression of my IT career has been awkward, strange, and amusing altogether. I find myself now transitioning from doing mostly desktop support and user administration along with network support to full blown DBA.  Given, I am starting small with a few fairly complex Access Databases, but the company has big plans to move those all to SQL and web applications. YIKES!

So, here I go again on my own. . .jumping into Access, VBA, SQL and .NET, it sure is a good thing I like to learn, teach myself and go through trials by fire!  I am trying to start slow. . but am already getting questions and having to fix things. . .surely this is madness and there are more “traditional” ways to advance my career?!  “Thank you sir, may I have another” seems to me by MO.

If anyone has any great learning resources or recommendations on any or all of the above, please feel free to share!



  1. Ken Said:

    came across your site looking for the MSXML fix. Thanks for that! Good luck wth the DBA direction. I added DBA and .NET programmer to my Sys Admin/Network Admin roles a few years back. Keep in mind, Stored Procedures are your friend!

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