Still Learning

I’m still Learning Learn Python the Hard Way, but I have added some other sites and learning for fun too.  I heard a podcast with Justin Seitz as the guest and he was talking about Python and Security and so I went over to his site, Automating OSINT and saw that he offered a beginner Python class so I immediately signed up for that too.  I am sort of at a place in the LPtHW where I need to take a step back and go back through to solidify what I have learned so far anyway.  I love the new class, even though it moves a bit faster and is a bit more challenging.  I think it’s tricky in a good way that will really help me tie together some security and some programming skills.

I also just finished my first goal with security which was to get through one of the Security+ courses online.  I chose a free one first, since I think work will pay for a boot camp to pass the test anyway.  I know from past experience that I will pass the test from the boot camp, but I want to really learn and know the subject matter and so I will need a few passes for that.  The class I stopped on first was the one over at Cybrary.  I enjoyed it, but I feel like it was only a high level over view and now I need to dig in deeper.  For that I will be reading one of the Security+ books and probably listening to another online video class.


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