An Update – A New Calling

It’s been a while since I posted what I am up to.  I am still plunking away at learning to code and learning some cyber security too.

I am enrolled in FreeCodeCamp, Codecademy, and two other online web development courses.  I am finding that while it takes a while to work through more than one program, the constant repetition is really helping me retain what I am learning.

So far, I like building websites the most.  I took a great class on Udemy called Bootstrap 3 Beginners that helped me get a couple of websites up pretty quickly while also teaching me a ton about Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS.  There were some great tips on animation, fonts and free pictures that helped me create a toolbox that I will use over and over again for quick builds for friends and family.

I am still considering doing some more technical security training, but am finding a new passion for art and creating things with all these web courses and find that I can easily sink hours into projects and be smiling the whole time!  I think I found my new calling!!


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