2 Weeks in – I Can Do IT!

I am two weeks into my CISCO Cyber Security Class and I can’t lie, it is kicking my butt.  Security and networking in general don’t come easy to me, I have to really study to get them, but I am remembering finally why I liked school so much.  I love having something to learn and hard deadlines to get there.

I just finished the first half of tutorials for the first test, SECFND, fundamentals.  It went over the basics of networking, and then started diving into current security threats and how they work.  It is still all very high level overview, but the labs are fun and have us actually running exploits.

It will be hard, and if I pass the tests on the first run I will be surprised, but I am really loving this challenge and can’t wait to see where this leads.

I saw an application the other day for a chance to win CISSP training, I am thinking about going for it!


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