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New Cell Phone

I had to get a new phone and the first phone DH chose for me (yes, I let him pick because at first I didn’t really care what kind of phone I got) was the Verizon Voyager.  Wow, what a GREAT phone. It has a touch screen and a keyboard that was very easy to use for texting. Here is a little demo of that phone:

HOWEVER, the Verizon site said this was compatible with Microsoft Exchange Servers, which it is not. myblackberry1When I called tech support for help they were quick to point out that Verizon does not own any software that will push from a Corporate Exchange Server. So, since the folks at work were willing to pay for the phone and service if I got another phone, I began looking for a Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone. I chose the pink Curve and am happy with it. It is not quite as fun to text with, but it does have all the functionality I need. Now if I could just find a case for it that I like. . .


Blackberry Outage – AGAIN

It seems yesterday was another tough day for RIM, and a tough day for those of us who support these horrible little devices as well.  As many of you must know by now, yesterday at roughly 3:30 pm most Blackberry customers were without service for several hours.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this meant many calls from upset customers for me.  And as a tech, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to help folks who rely on you.  This is the second time in about 10 months when I have been scrambling for answers to the question “why did my Blackberry stop delivering e-mail?”

I was already thinking of encouraging our users off the Blackberry, now I expect I will be a bit more animated about it.  There are too many other devices out there now that do a much better job, have more features, and are just cooler technology.  The iPhone comes to mind, but there are plenty of other gadgets out there that are better than the Blackberry, and seem to have less problems at this point.

For a really good review of some of the top Smartphones check this site out.