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Learning CodeBuilder was tricky, Stackoverflow to the rescue!

I spent, sadly, a bunch of time today going over one single lesson on creating a project in CodeBuilder to fix two small issues so I could get my project to build.  One error was my own spelling, and I should know by now that if something in code isn’t working for me, I HAVE to check my spelling first.  It is indeed crucial for elements of my buildspec yaml file to be spelled correctly.  Sadly, they were not, they are now, but wowza that sucks a bit.

My second error arrived today when my artifacts, now spelled correctly, wouldn’t upload.  Played with that a bit, deleted and re-did my project with the same errors.  Had to delete and re-add roles, that didn’t help.  Finally decided to take a chance and see if the googler had any ideas and of course the first search object linked to a Stackoverflow thread gave me the answer I needed.  Turns out, I was in the wrong region with my project.  I quickly fixed my error and suddenly I have a build that works!

My head is spinning and I am sure I explained all of that horribly. . .but it is all just here to remind me that I need to just stick with this.  I might need to get up and walk, have a coffee, take a day off, but I can figure things out if I just retrace my steps, check my spelling, and always google errors (AND endpoint errors in AWS might be related to region mismatches).


Monday Learning – AWS CodeBuild

I started using CodeBuild today in AWS.  I love it, and thought I understood all I was doing, until I didn’t.  Isn’t that just the way it is when learning to code things?  You take a class and all is going well for a bit, then you hit a snag and things don’t work like you expect, and suddenly not having a live person to ask questions becomes the biggest obstacle to your forward movement!

I am taking a break, and then I will do what I usually do to fix my broken code and things online. . .

  1.  Back track and repeat the steps I took to get to the broken part.
  2. Search the notes to see if others have had the same trouble.
  3. Search Google for answers (hello stackoverflow).
  4. Quit for today, cry about my failure, and try again tomorrow.

Maybe it is time to sign up for some live classes instead of all of this online “virtual” learning, cause all is fine until someone quits learning for lack of a simple answer and a bit of help.  Any CodeBuild experts listening??