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May 29-PowerShell and OverTheWire

Today is a short day for me.  I have class tonight for three hours, leaving only 5 for other study and work today.  The CISSP class, which I won via a scholarship, is through CyberVista, and the jury is still out on how good or bad this class may be. . .I am leaning toward not so good, but I need to finish before I judge.

I found a couple of decent PowerShell tutorial options last week that I will be working on for a bit.  I am watching this set of videos to learn PowerShell Scripting.  Then, as a slower more comprehensive look, I am also reading and working through the Manning book here.

I read somewhere recently (forgot to write down where, hence the new focus and me posting my work daily now) that CTF type events are crucial for really learning infosec, so I am having some fun on the OverTheWire site learning how to do this.

For the drive home, I will be listening to several youtube videos on BurpSuite for my external pen testing date tomorrow.  Someday I will know what I am doing, right?!


New Focus For the Blog

Blogging isn’t my favorite, but I need a way to keep track of what I’m doing, where I go each day, what I read, what I try, and what I learn.  My blog, this one here, will be all about what I am learning each day.   It is my goal to blog each day about all I did that day.  I am literally drowning in information since being promoted to Security Analyst and I have to start documenting and making a clear path.  I can’t do that if I can’t see where I’ve been and where I am headed.

I am the lone security person at my organization, I am the first security hire at the non-profit I work for.  The pressure I am putting on myself to become the best security employee I can is great.  I need to be the red team, the blue team, the IR team, the SOC team and the CISO the best I can as quickly as I can.  That leads to days and nights filled with searching and learning, and I am loosing track of what I have completed, and working on and have planned to do.  This is where I will be documenting that for the foreseeable future here.  Just a warning. . .

Time for an update! New Job

It has been a crazy busy wacky kind of fall for me.  It is a long story that no one really needs to know, but to make the story short, I am now an IT Data Security Analyst!  I made a plan a little over a year ago to either move into web design or Security, and all the doors kept opening for security, so I kept going through them, and now here I am, in a security job!!

I have tons of updates to post, and I want to start tracking my progress here even if it only ever helps me remember where I came from and where I am heading.

The first order of business is to pass the CEH v9 exam/certification.  I sat for the class last week and will be studying for the next few weeks in order to hopefully take the test in mid – late January.  Fingers crossed. . .

New Things to See and Do and Learn

Its been a long summer of classes and learning, and instead of being too tired to learn more this fall, I find I am driven to learn and do more.  I want to know more things, I want to learn about the Cloud and Web Development and DevOps while I’m at it.  I am not sure where all of this is leading, but I am mesmerized by what I can do over on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

I found this site, A Cloud Guru, and I really like learning from them, so I have signed up for a couple of their classes.  I chose the Associate Certified Solutions Architect for the long haul, and the Create A Serverless Portfolio with AWS and React for the quick and dirty how to.  I can’t wait to finish both of these and get to work and get certified.  Not only does this address all three areas above that I am interested in, but it is all about building stuff, and I love that so much.

After that. . .on to Azure, Office365 and Google Cloud. . .I am not slowing down or giving up on the dream of more. . .

CCNA in Cyber Ops, check

I did it. . I got certified this weekend!  After only 3 LONG months of studying every single day I finally took the second test and passed this weekend!

I won’t lie, it was hard for me.  I took a Security+ class back in December and knew that I couldn’t test for that right away because all of those ideas were just bouncing around in my head without any feet to hold them down, if that makes sense.  So I was pretty scared when I started listening to online classes and reading the material for the CCNA test.  I knew I was going to have to supplement and really dig in to understand, and I did.

So now, I am doubling back and re-reading my Security+ book so I can test for that in two weeks.  I also started a 12-week online class to prep for the CISSP Exam that I plan to take in October or November.  I am going to do this Security thing no matter what. . .I may have to start my own company if no one will hire me. . .but watch out. . .I will do this!

Ladies. . do hard things!  If there is something you want, go for it.  You CAN do it no matter what they told you!!  Have confidence, sit down, and do it. . .even if it’s hard and doesn’t click the first time. . .keep trying!!

First step is complete

I haven’t written much lately, have had my nose in either a book or my computer studying to take the two test that will earn me my CCNA in Cybersecurity.  It has been very hard.  I started the adventure back on April 1 and have studied every single day since then.  I has been hard, fun, challenging, exciting, and miserable all together.  I knew next to nothing going into this about security, and I now know a bit more.  I have gone deeper into the Windows OS, worked long hours in Linux, used some awesome OpenSource tools and will now sit for my first of two tests tomorrow morning.

I am nervous, but feel moderately prepared.  I have heard from others that this test is the easier of the two, but that is from people who have been working in Networking for a while so I am not sure their opinions are relevant for me.

I promised myself a bit over a year ago now that I would dive in and try some new tech skills until something stuck that inspired and amazed me.  I have tried web development and security now and I love them both.  Cybersecurity is probably the best fit of all.  Some development with a bunch of security is exactly what I love.  Do hard things, make a change, believe in yourself. . and wish me luck tomorrow!