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I Am a Geek At Heart

I love this wall deco from ThinkGeek:

I guess I really am a Geek at heart!  Oh well, if you can’t beat them, join them!


Best Gift I Got For Christmas

Of all the gifts I got for Christmas, I have to say that my favorite may just be the one that wasn’t on my list. TomTom

We got a Tomtom One for Christmas from my DH’s company, and I use it all the time now.  I’ll admit, when it comes to directions, I am not the best.  In fact, I usually can’t find my way home from a new location without a call to DH asking for help.

 Imagine his joy at my getting this gift.  Now, I simply put in the destination and the Tomtom One tells me exactly how to get home and even allows me to chose alternate routes if there is a street I want or need to avoid.  Not only that, she will also tell me where all the Dunkin Donut shops are along the way.  Now that is awesome.

As a busy mom with active kids, this is the perfect toy to have.  I can put in all the locations of the football games, swim meets, mathlete competitions, band events and college visits and get there without having to google a location, printing a map and then trying to read a map while I drive, drink coffee and try not to hit anyone.  Now I mount the Tomtom One on the windshield enter the address and go.

The Tomtom One comes with 4 voices by default, but more can be downloaded.  We opted for a very nice British woman’s voice, very James Bondish.

New Laptop

I finally feel whole again.  I have gone a whole year without a laptop and darn it, I didn’t like it!  I think that every tech, from the Helpdesk Technician to the CIO needs to have easy access to technology.  I happen to think that giving a tech a laptop is the best thing you can do to encourage them to become a better tech.  But I digress . . .

I did a post a few weeks ago about all the laptops that I was considering, and I still think those are some of the better options out there, but I settled a bit.

My dear husband was in Wal-Mart the day before Christmas (yes, I am one of THOSE people who got a laptop from Wal-Mart, my head is down in shame . . . but only a little) and saw a deal that he could not pass up.

I got an HP Pavilion DV6629WM.  It has a beautiful 15.4″ display and came with a digital camera and printer.  Unfortunately, it did come with Vista Home Premium, which I am not entirely thrilled about, but I can always downgrade if I really need to.

Last Minute Gift for the Geek Girl

I am browsing the net this afternoon while I wait for a backup to finish so I can do some testing, and I stumbled upon a last minute gift idea for the geek girl on your list.LittlePinkToolkit

This little pink toolkit is awesome. . .and so cute.  I just love it.  I am sure that any techy girl on your list would love this gift.  That is, unless she already has a great set of tools.

While you are on this site, another great gift for the woman on your list would be the Ambient Fire DVD.  I have a fireplace in my family room, but can’t wait to try this DVD on the TV in the bedroom. 

And while you are at it, you may as well spring for either the Fireplace Jar Candle or the Fireplace Scented Tealights.  This should really set the mood.

5 Laptops I am Considering for Christmas

XPS M1530I need to buy a laptop.  Between blogging and studying for the MCSE exams, I need to be able to have everything with me instead of carrying cds around.  My iPod has helped, but I really need a computer with me everywhere.

 So, I have started looking for laptops that I want to purchase.  I already listed out the specs that I like in a earlier blog, here I want to make a note of the laptops that I am seriously considering.

1.  I think the one I like the best is this T23210 being offered at QVC.  I have stated again and again that I really like Dell products, so it is fitting that this top my list.  I like the specs on this laptop, and I LOVE the color options!  I have not purchased from them in the past, but the price on this laptop is very good.

2.  I really like this XPS M1530 a lot.  I love the highest end option, but I think right now it is a bit too expensive.  And again, I have to say that I really like the color options here.  For something that I will have attached to my hand, I like the idea of it being attractive.  Besides, colors make me happy.

3.  I also like the IBM Thinkpad X61s fully loaded.  It is not as pretty as the Dells, but it is a solid laptop, and you can still get Windows XP Pro loaded if you want to, which I think I do.

4.  I also really like the HP Pavilion dv2500t.  It can be customized to include the features/specs that I want, and the price is competitive.

5.  Finally, I am not sure this is the year I am ready to jump in and purchase a Mac, but I am very tempted by all of the hype about running a better Windows machine on the MacBook Pro

Another Gift Idea for the Techie on Your Christmas List

I need to add some more technical posts here soon, but I see that lots of folks want the gift ideas as well, so I thought I would share my newest top of the list “wanted” gift.

It is called the Timex Watch and I just saw this in my Women’s Health magazine for this month, and I want one! This watch does it all, and at Amazon it is under $100.

It connects to your iPod, without a cable, and it also has a 50-lap memory, three alarms, a countdown timer, two interval timers, and a chronograph function.

If you have a techie on your list who also likes to keep in shape, this may be the perfect gift.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Girl Geeks in Your Life

Do you have any Girl Geeks on your list? You know the ones, they dress in dark colors, and may sit in a cubicle or an office, but they are almost always using the latest geek gadget and doing a few things at one time.

Here are a few fun ideas from ThinkGeek Computing if you have any of these chicks on your list:

1. Have a mobile IT person in the family? Are they often running from system to system or location to location fixing computer issues? If so, they may need an Ironkey. This is a secure way to keep passwords handy and be able to browse the internet safely from any location.

leatherman_wave.jpg2. When I first got into the IT business, someone got me a wave, I had it only a month before I noticed dear hubby using it. I have not seen it since, but this is definitely a great me-komentote.jpgstocking stuffer for anyone who likes to tinker.

3. I love this laptop tote. I am adding it to my own list right now.

4. I haven’t tried the Sun Jar yet, but with all the attention that green gadgets are getting this year, I will definitely be adding a couple of these to my list for my siblings.

5. And last but certainly not least, if you have been putting off getting yourself or the top receiver on your list an iPod, now is the time. With so many to choose from, you can get one for almost everyone on your list.