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I don’t use Group Policy a lot here.  I am only one admin in a much larger group, but I do need to know a bit about Group Policy for the MCSE tests.  That is why, when I got an email from Windows IT Pro that they were hosting a web seminar on “How To Implement an Effective Change Management Strategy for Group Policy” I signed up.

The web seminar was ok, and I always enjoy hearing and seeing presentations instead of having to read yet another article or book.  I think though, that the best thing I got out of the seminar was a link to one of the speakers websites, which I had not heard of before.

Jeremy Moskowitz has written a book or two on Group Policy, and comes recommended by another favorite Microsoft author of mine, Mark Minasi.  He has a decent website called with a newsletter which I just signed up for. 

If Group Policy is something that you use and need help with, I recommend Jeremy’s site as a good starting place, that is, of course, once you have finished reading all you can on Microsoft’s site.