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Internet Explorer 7 Issues – Can’t Use Text Boxes

I have a user who suddenly was unable to type anything in her text boxes in IE 7 a while back.  We were in the middle of a big move and my time was so limited that we just installed Firefox for her and she was fine, for a while.  It wasn’t until we started rolling out Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Office Live Meeting this week that I was reminded of the issue because she was unable to type new messages or respond to messages sent her in Communicator.

I did all of the normal things we do, I think.  I cleared out all cookies and temporary internet files, I ran antivirus and ad checking and spyware programs.  I even uninstalled Java and reinstalled it and nothing worked.

Finally, I reinstalled IE 7 as a last resort before just doing an upgrade to IE 8, and after a reboot . . . walla . . . she is able to type in text boxes in IE 7 and Communicator now.


Malware Fighting Fun – IE-AV

Have spent a full day this week tracking down and getting rid of some crap one of my users got while watching videos online.  I wanted to document where I found help for this as it may help others and I don’t want to forget what I did.

The problem was that everytime my user (let’s call him John) went to the internet. . he could get a site, but if he tried to click on a second link, he was directed to a bogus website that told him he needed to install the ie-av program.  John had Norton, so I ran that and it found nothing out of the ordinary, so I then did a quick install of Ad-Aware and Spybot.  They found lots of things, but didn’t really help my problem much.  So it was off to Google and a search for IE-AV which led me to a great site where there was ample information and instructions.  NOTE:  I found the comments at the end of this blog most helpful in getting this off John’s PC.

It turns out, that all I really needed to do was uninstall the .dll files that had been dumped in the WINDOWS\System32 directory.  Now, an interesting if not disturbing sidenote is that, when I went into the \WINDOWS directory and the \System32 directory it popped up IE and the same annoying site.  For me, I had three files (g2tool.dll, gtool~1.dll and Gtool.dll) that I needed to delete, and I did have to go into Safe Mode to delete one of them.  A reboot and all was good.

I still want to rebuild that computer, as I am not at all convinced it is “clean” but for now, John is happy and thinks I do great work. . .today a Hero. . .tomorrow?  Who knows?

Facebook Widget Troubles

It seems Facebook is the latest toy that hackers are using to spread adware and malicious code.

According to an article posted yesterday at NetworkWorld, there is a widget called “Secret Crush” that you can add to your Facebook account.  Just like most widgets, in order to use it you have to forward it on to some of your friends and encourage them to use it as well.  After forwarding it on, it is supposed to tell you your secret crush.

The article says that the widget doesn’t work and never does tell you about a secret crush.  Instead, you are rewarded with spyware software that sends you ads.

One more way for my kids to wreak havoc on my home network. . .wooo hooo.

Fun with E-cards

So today was mostly about moving wires and jacks around for an office move that has to happen today, and other than getting to punch down a couple of jacks for the first time (phone and network), I don’t have much tech info to share today.

I did however find a fun site that will let you send E-cards to your family and friends using their photos, or your own flickr photos.  The site is delivr.  I used a stock photo they had and emailed a Happy New Year card to my parents who quickly told me how much they enjoyed it.

Next up, making a personalized thank you card to my brothers to thank them for hosting the Christmas festivities!  I could sure waste a lot of time with this fun gadget!

Searchers Beware

I am about to send out an email to all of my users, warning them to be very careful when they do a Google search.

I many different blogs this week about this problem. Alex Eckelberry over at Sunbelt blogged about this on Monday drawing much attention to the issue. Alex’s article showed how a search on some common tech terms led to several exploits that could infect a system that is left vulnerable.

According to an article posted last night over at InformationWeek it seems that Google has deleted many of the malicious pages, but that the other popular search engines are being targeted as well.

This just serves to remind all us tech folks to keep telling our users that they simply have to make sure their operating systems are up-to-date, that they have anti-virus programs installed on all their PCs, and that they are always careful about web sites that they visit. I will have to be sure to also email this warning to all of those “non-paying” customers I have like Mom and Dad.

Great Site and YouTube Help

Last night my daughter asked me if I could download the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special to my ipod so she and her grandmother could watch it on the TV. She had found them online at YouTube but wanted to see them on the big screen. I said, “sure I can do that,” before realizing that I had actually never done that.

I had read through a couple of articles and message board posts that had me wondering just how possible this task was, when a further look down my Google search page revealed that my favorite daily blog, lifehacker had an article and a recommendation for me.

I read and then quickly downloaded iTube (also called Ares Tube). I am very happy to say that it was incredibly easy then to download and import the YouTube clips I wanted. In no time at all I had my daughter and mother quite happily watching Charlie Brown, which got me in bed at a very decent hour.

Intenet Explorer 7 Hack and Interesting Website

FTP hack for IE 7I needed for some of my users to be able to open FTP sites up by default in Windows Explorer rather than as a website. I am sure this is much less secure, but since when do we really care much about security around here.

It takes a registry hack:

Name: iexplore.exe
Data: 0x0 (default) or 0x1

Restart PC and it takes FTP sites right to Explorer

Intesting Website

I ran across a website that I really want to work through today as I was reading some email. I want to remember this one, and use it, and perhaps even suggest it to others. I don’t know much about it yet, and the name, Hacker High School, is perhaps not quite right.