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Reset Any Account Password on Your Mac

I need to give a big thanks to Dave over at Ask Dave Taylor for having the quick and dirty instructions to perform this little task.

Just like Dave says, to reset your Mac account passwords, just put in your OS disk, choose Install Mac from the menu items and your Mac will restart.

Once you have choosen the language option, you will get a menu at the top of the screen. From here, you just choose the Utilities menu, Reset Password, and choose the accounts you need to reset from the drop down menu. Walla. . .it is really that simple. In fact, the harder trick here was getting the installation disk to eject from the Mac. . .gotta be smarter than the machine, and I have a long way to go unfortunately.

Ah well, good tip to keep handy.


iPhone and Exchange

It only took a few days to find what I needed to know about Exchange and the iPhone.  I guess in all fairness, I was not looking super hard, but still it seems like it was hard to find information about this.

Anyway, it seems that ActiveSync will not be available until June for the iPhone.  That is not a big deal to me, I have a Blackberry.  But, for our graphics guy here who just got his cool new iPhone, it is a bit disappointing to have to wait so long just to check his work email account.

According to a blog by Peter Cohen over at Macworld ActiveSync, which is software that is used by Exchange to push email to mobile devices, will be released in June during a major software update.  We are already using ActiveSync here to push e-mail content to our Treo users, so I know this will work, but JUNE?  Wow.  I wish I would have known this when my user first came to me asking about whether or not he should get an iPhone.  Again, sure they are cool and all, but come on, if I am paying that much for a “smartphone” it darn well better be smart enough to deliver my mail.

Ah well, June it is.

Mac Inventory Software – iInventory v7.4

We need to be able to tell what software programs, and specifically which versions of programs, are installed on all of our Mac desktops and laptops, but the boss didn’t want to purchase anything.  So, here I am searching form something that will do the trick quickly and for free.

I found a program that I like, iInventory v7.4, but I will need to do some testing before the jury is in with their final decision.  I am installing the client on two Macs right now.  My two test systems are a brand new MacPro and a PowerMac, and so far so good.

I was able to create an agent to install on both systems, and was able to run and then import all of the information.  The agent builder is easy to use, and the software itself is pretty intuitive.  The software has a network scanning feature and says it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux which does indeed seem to be the case.  The program comes with some canned reports, but they are very basic and I will need to create custom reports after I clean the data up a bit.

Overall, great tool for free, and I have the option to upgrade to a paid version if I need/want to.

I Want One

I am a pretty hard core PC user.  I have dabbled with Macs in my different jobs, but really only put hands on them when I have to fix a problem.  However, with the introduction of their new Mac Pro, I just may have to change all that.

A collegue pointed out this blog post over at ZDNet, so I had to check it out.  It is true, Apple has released the “Fastest Mac Ever.” 

This new Mac Pro has 8 processor cores.  Yes, that is correct, I said 8 processors.  And as if that is not enough, it can also house up to 4TB of INTERNAL storage, and oh yeah, 32GB of RAM.  Evan if I combined all the desktop computers in my house (and actually that is a few computers and parts) I don’t have that kind of power.

Now, the price is still a bit high for me to justify buying as my personal laptop, but given the fact that this beauty is a portable server, the price doesn’t suck.

Yep, I am in love. 

5 Laptops I am Considering for Christmas

XPS M1530I need to buy a laptop.  Between blogging and studying for the MCSE exams, I need to be able to have everything with me instead of carrying cds around.  My iPod has helped, but I really need a computer with me everywhere.

 So, I have started looking for laptops that I want to purchase.  I already listed out the specs that I like in a earlier blog, here I want to make a note of the laptops that I am seriously considering.

1.  I think the one I like the best is this T23210 being offered at QVC.  I have stated again and again that I really like Dell products, so it is fitting that this top my list.  I like the specs on this laptop, and I LOVE the color options!  I have not purchased from them in the past, but the price on this laptop is very good.

2.  I really like this XPS M1530 a lot.  I love the highest end option, but I think right now it is a bit too expensive.  And again, I have to say that I really like the color options here.  For something that I will have attached to my hand, I like the idea of it being attractive.  Besides, colors make me happy.

3.  I also like the IBM Thinkpad X61s fully loaded.  It is not as pretty as the Dells, but it is a solid laptop, and you can still get Windows XP Pro loaded if you want to, which I think I do.

4.  I also really like the HP Pavilion dv2500t.  It can be customized to include the features/specs that I want, and the price is competitive.

5.  Finally, I am not sure this is the year I am ready to jump in and purchase a Mac, but I am very tempted by all of the hype about running a better Windows machine on the MacBook Pro

Graphics Day

I spent part of this week in the Graphics Department here learning about what each person there does, and how they use their computers, and what we can possibly do in IT to make their jobs easier or more efficient at least.

MS Office for the Mac
We really need to purchase this. The guys in graphics get files often from clients and CS Reps that are either word, or Powerpoint documents, and each time they do, they go over to the PCs and try to figure out how they will get them on the Macs. This seems silly to me, so I plan to ask for a copy for at least two of the guys there.

Some of the guys in the department use Pitstop, but some can’t because there are not enough licenses. Again, this is silly . . . they should all have it or none should use it. I have some digging to do there, and the manager says he has a plan?

The main designer has an older Mac now than some of them, and he appears to need a bit more for the intense graphics programs he uses.

Files and Their Usage
A couple of things here that I am still considering . . . but they have a consistency problem, a storage problem, and a process problem. First, they have one guy who is creating a job with a standard set of folders and names, and another two that aren’t following this system. I would like to encourage them to standardize this all. Second, the guy who has a standard way of doing things, is copying all of the fonts that he uses in a job into the job folder, which is somewhat wasteful of resources, as we already have all the fonts in our fonts folder. We are then taking up extra room on the server, and in many cases the fonts can’t be used this way and get corrupt as well. Finally, we seem to copy all of our graphics files in several locations, which again, seems to leave much room for error and also wastes our limited resources. CS Reps put the graphics file in CRPublic. Graphics Guys open and create a set of Job files on the Graphics Server. When they are finished they put a copy of the files in the PDF to Email folder (in CR Public folder). I need to think on this some more . . . but this seems wasteful to me.